All About Real Cannabis Club: Everything you need to know

November 23, 2021

We’ve always believed that when it’s time to build a business and make a difference, there’s nothing more important than doing it the right way. It’s why we want to be open and honest, let you know a little more about us, and see what you think.

With that in mind, here’s a few things you may or may not already know about the team here at Real Cannabis Club…

We’re proud to be a Northern Ireland supplier of organic cannabis

Organic cannabis in Northern Ireland has been virtually impossible to find for too long, which is where we come in. When we wanted to make a difference we knew we had to choose something we really cared about, and this was it.

By taking the time to source Northern Ireland’s finest organic cannabis products, we’ve laid the foundations for a truly natural addition to everyday life. It’s about getting the basics right, being true to our vision, and never sacrificing quality or integrity just to make a quick sale. If we were putting our trust in a brand to connect us with organic CBD products, we wouldn’t settle for anything less, which is why we never do. We also keep our approach exactly the way you’d expect…

Everything we do is ethical and fair

Cannabis in Northern Ireland is one of those hot topics right now that it can be hard to get to the bottom of. Because of the explosion of interest around CBD, and the surge in new suppliers and brands in the CBD market, we know the problems everyone faces.

Finding a name you can trust and a brand that keeps things nothing but natural is never as easy as it sounds, which is a real shame. Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to make an informed, stress-free decision about what you’re putting into your body.

To make it happen we make sure we’re Northern Ireland’s leading ethical cannabis supplier in every way possible. For us, it’s about paying fair prices, introducing sustainable supply chains, and making sure everyone who partners with us is happy and at peace from day one. Why? Because it’s the only way to do things fairly, and doing things fairly is the only way to do business.

We believe accountability truly matters

When you want to find an ethical cannabis supplier in Northern Ireland, you want to know that you’re giving your hard-earned money to the right people. Finding that perfect match can be difficult, which is why we want to make sure you know we’re as invested in the end result as you are.

While some are happy making a fast profit with a cheap product, we take things in a completely different direction. Premium quality is at the forefront of everything we do, and we deliver it in a way that makes sure we’re always 100% accountable. Perfect when you want to make sure you can trust the brand you’re entrusting your health and wellbeing to.

Our goal is to naturally embed CBD into daily life

Selling cannabis products in Northern Ireland is one thing, but making sure they really make a difference to peoples’ lives is what truly matters to us. With so many different brands popping up all over the place, we believe there’s always a space for a premium CBD brand that stands out from the crowd.

To make it happen we’ve created a mission to embed CBD products into your daily life in a truly natural way. They can be used for so many different sides of mental and physical health, as well as promoting overall wellness in more ways than you’d expect. By making simple daily choices that never slow you down or ask you to do something that’s easy to forget, our products are a natural addition that fit in without any difficulty. Not only that, but because you can use them in a variety of different ways, you can sleep with the peace of mind that only comes from reconnecting with the natural world in the right way.

Sustainable changes matter to the whole team

Our whole team believes in the mission of sustainability, both for the environment and for the people who trust our products. Our sustainably sourced cannabis products are leaders in their field here in Northern Ireland, and they also have a global impact. By using fair and sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, we always aim to minimise the impact we have on the natural world. We feel it’s the least we can when it’s given us so much.

We also make sure our products are simple to take and easy to get hold of thanks to our simple buying and delivery options. Our idea is to make sure you can easily make using CBD products the healthy habit of a lifetime, allowing you to create sustainable long term improvements to your overall health and wellness.

We’ve invested in blockchain so you get true peace of mind

While it’s easy to say that you care about traceability and providing a transparent product, doing it can be a difficult thing to get right. As a cannabis product supplier in Northern Ireland you can trust, we believe in using the power of the very latest tech to make sure you never have to go anywhere else for a truly premium experience.

By investing heavily in blockchain technology, we’ve made sure that when you want to trace the origin of your latest purchase, all you have to do is ask. Everything is encoded in an individual QR code that’s unique to the product you hold in your hand. From there you simply scan it with your phone and you’re instantly shown anything and everything you’d like to know about the origin.

The Power of Cannabis Foundation is only just getting started!

As well as giving a service that can’t be beaten, we want to give back in a way that helps the wider community. It’s why we’re giving 5% of our profits to a foundation we and our partners truly believe will make a difference. If you’d like to learn more, just take a look at the rest of our site to see what we’re up to!

The Knowledge Zone is ready and waiting

Taking care of yourself is all about knowing and trusting what you’re putting into your body. The only way to truly do it is to understand why each product works, why it matters, and why your body needs it. With the Knowledge Zone, we take the time to make sure you can understand everything you need to know about our products, all without ever feeling rushed into making a purchase.

We practice what we preach

Last but not least, we make sure all of the above is so much more than just words. We use our products ourselves, we invest in hemp seed oil for a premium carrier oil, and we believe constantly upgrading our blockchain is what matters in a world where traceability has never mattered more. When you put it like that, you start to see why we’re fast becoming the natural choice for organic cannabis in Northern Ireland, and beyond.

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