6 interesting things every UK resident needs to know about cannabis

January 14, 2022

When you want to know about cannabis and the benefits of things like CBD that are derived from it, you’ve come to the right place. In this quick 5-minute read you’ll find some interesting trivia, informative points and a few guidelines to follow all mixed in together. All you have to do now is sit … Continued

doctor with medical cannabis report

Real Cannabis Club interview: A professional approach to Medical Cannabis

September 8, 2021

Interview with Professor Mike Barnes, Chairman of the Medical Society of Cannabis Clinicians and Hannah Deacon, Medical Cannabis Campaigner. The event of the Covid-19 Pandemic has taken the world by surprise; but this hasn’t stopped the ongoing campaign for the legalisation of medical cannabis, as Hannah and Mike tell us. “The world, if anything, is … Continued

Opportunities and obstacles in the medicinal cannabis landscape

October 12, 2020

Dr Rosemary Mazanet of the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis takes a look at the opportunities and obstacles on the cannabis landscape. Republished with permission. Despite prohibition and negative stigma over the past century, enthusiasm is growing for cannabis as a good treatment choice for many patients. In reality, cannabis has been used as a medicinal product … Continued

CBD Products and supply chain transparency

February 25, 2020

Head of Finance Jason McIntosh discusses CBD and the importance of transparency for supply chain economics. Fair Trade CBD is undoubtedly growing in popularity right now. More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits linked to regular use of cannabidiol. However, the benefits associated with such use are dependent on the CBD content within … Continued