Health and wellness tips to get the most from CBD

February 15, 2022

When you want to get more out of your CBD than the supplement alone, it’s about living a healthy and positive lifestyle. Because things like these always sound easier said than done, we wanted to put a few ideas down on paper so you have all the inspiration you’ll ever need.

In the next few minutes, we’ll talk you through some simple changes that will allow you to get the most out of the leading all-natural UK CBD supplements. Without further ado, let’s dive right in…

The first thing you’ll really want to pay attention to is your sleep, and it’s something that so many of us chop and change when we feel we can. The problem with this is that no matter how good your natural CBD supplements from Derry are, you’re selling yourself short if you don’t give your mind and body the time and space they need to recover.

Sleep and CBD

Sleep is about so much more than warding off fatigue and recovering from a hard day — it’s when your body repairs and your mind gets to process what it’s been through. The key to good sleep starts with the preparation. Simple things like laying your pyjamas out, keeping your phone downstairs, and making your bed the morning before help remove little bits of friction. Being healthy and happy in every aspect of your life isn’t just about getting the leading CBD supplements in Northern Ireland — you also need to be able to give your mind and body the rest they need.

woman sleeping

By keeping your sleeping environment dark, quiet and free from digital distractions you can make sure that when you go to bed, you also go to sleep. The important point to note here is that sleep goes in periodic cycles throughout the night. Your body will drift in and out of various different stages and depths of sleep, each one responsible for triggering and activating different parts of the brain. We’ll be the first to admit that the science is still evolving when it comes to sleep, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start making some changes to optimise your overall health and wellbeing.

Sleep cycle duration varies from person to person, but taking a period of 2 hours as a starting point will be a good start. From there you want to aim to sleep multiple sleep cycles so you don’t get woken up half way through by your alarm. If that does happen, your body’s hormones will be in a state of deep sleep, meaning you’ll feel heavy and worn out. Get it right on the other hand, and you’ll have the perfect start to the day that can compliment your choice of Derry’s finest all-natural CBD products!

The next part of your day is all about setting yourself up by keeping up your momentum. Getting dressed, making your bed and having a healthy breakfast are far from the most exciting things to focus on getting right, but they can make the world of difference. The important thing to recognise here is that rarely in life will you hit the jackpot and see a massive change to your overall wellbeing in one go. That’s true even of our natural UK-based CBD range — regular daily usage is what makes all the difference because your health is never a one-and-done thing.

Because you’ll be doing certain tasks every single day, taking the time to get the right routine will allow you to compound small improvements over an extended period of time. When this happens, you have the recipe for a long, healthy and happy life that sets you free to do the things that really matter to you. Ideal when you want to get the most out of your favourite Derry-based CBD brand.


Your breakfast sets you up for the day, and slow-release carbs are something that should always be on the menu. The exact nature of your diet is going to depend on what you’re doing, your weight loss goals (if you have any) and what type of training you’re doing. Without wanting to push any idea too hard, we’ll keep this part of our advice open and general. Once you find a meal that works for you, aim to eat at the same time every morning. If you can tie this in with taking your Northern Ireland-sourced CBD products, you can give your body a supply of natural goodness that arrives like clockwork. This is really important if you want to provided a consistent and balanced supply that will power you through the rest of the day. On any given day these little changes won’t make any noticeable difference, which is why it’s so important to remember that they compound over time.


Next up, you might want to think about some exercise so you can really help your UK CBD supplements do their thing. Exercise causes your endocrine system to produce a range of happy hormones that reduce stress, help alleviate anxiety and show you that you really can achieve something when you put your mind to it. Ideal when you want to help regulate your mood, mental state and overall sense of wellbeing the natural way. This will work wonders when added to the natural benefits of your UK-tested CBD products as it will introduce you to a truly holistic approach to living the good life. From there, you’ll have the solid foundation that allows you to achieve things you never thought possible.

Once you’ve done all of that, it’s worth thinking about how you can get the most out of your social life without sacrificing the gains you’ve achieved. Going out and seeing friends is vital for your mental wellbeing and allows you to cut loose when you need to — you’re not training to be an olympic athlete after all. To get the most out of it, consider cutting back things like alcohol and junk food. You can still get all the benefits of the social stimulation, but you won’t be loading your body with toxins and processed ingredients that it then has to work through in the following 48 hours. It will also ensure that you can spend the next 2 days continuing to grow and improve, rather than having to try and get back on track in a hurry on day 3.

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, it’s over to you to give some careful thought to how you want to put all of this into practice. Try not to feel overwhelmed, although we appreciate that’s often easier said than done! If all of the above seems like too much, pick the part you find easiest and focus on making it happen. Once you decide what you want to focus on, break it down into small enough steps so that you find something you know you can do with just a little extra effort and focus. Achieve it, step things up and before you know it you’ll never look back.

And just remember, when you want the natural finishing touch to your health and wellness efforts, our Derry CBD products are always ready and waiting for you. Enjoy!

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