How to find the best CBD Product on the market?

June 1, 2021

The market is full of CBD products, so how do you know which is the best?  Today’s post reveals that not all CBD is equal and how to spot a high quality cannabinoid so you can shop smart!

With CBD becoming more and more popular, it can be tricky to navigate the huge amount of products on the shelves and stocked online.  How do you know which is the best CBD treatment?  Is all the cannabidiol being sold the same?  What’s the difference between full spectrum and pure CBD??  It can feel overwhelming if you don’t know these answers, and so it’s time to make it all simple!

How To Shop For The Best CBD:

Before you go to buy the best CBD, it’s important to know the rules behind this highly sought after substance.  CBD, or cannabidiol, is classed as a legal substance as long as it is derived from industrial-grade hemp with EU-approval and it has 0.3% or less THC.  Furthermore, 2019 introduced new laws in the UK regarding edibles containing cannabidiol, classing such items as ‘novel food’ which require authorization before heading to market.  These new rules are to ensure rigorous standards for health and safety on what was until recently an overlooked industry.

What does this all mean when it comes to shopping for the best CBD?  The legislation and strict regulation goes a long way to ensure customer’s peace of mind, but it also sets a baseline for the market.  At the very least, the options up for sale are non-psychoactive and produced from approved plants.  However, there are still a lot of other aspects to navigate when choosing high quality cannabidiol.

The first step to finding the best CBD product on the market is addressing why you want to use the substance as this will help decide which form to buy and what concentration to choose.   After that, step two is to find a trusted brand that supplies the treatment and provides a high level of detail about their CBD.  Having a good look at the label and reading through the information is key to finding the perfect match, and it will help narrow down which product is the ideal therapeutic supplement.

Is All CBD The Same?:

That’s easy to answer – no!  Not all CBD is the same, and not all CBD is made equally.  There are a variety of factors that influence the quality and potency of the final product, including weather when growing and the production method used to harness the plant’s powers.

  • Weather:  Bad weather can have a serious impact on the final product, as the plant is very sensitive to changes in light, temperature, soil conditions, and water.  The best hemp is grown in airy fertile soil, positioned in the sunniest spot, provided with a consistent 80% moisture, and in mild temperature conditions.  If the weather has a significant change, it can stress the hemp and lead to increased THC levels which could bar the crop from being used for CBD purposes.
  • Farming Method: While weather plays a big role in the usability of hemp for CBD, the production method itself can impact the quality significantly.  One worry when growing raw materials for harvest is contamination.  The cannabis plant is prone to absorbing what it comes into contact with, and this includes potentially harmful substances like heavy metals, bacteria, toxic chemicals, and pesticides.  Choosing brands that limit exposure and reduce contamination opportunities during production (by opting for ethically sourced hemp or organic methods) means the CBD itself will be all the more beneficial.
  • Extraction Method: The best CBD products will be made through a process that utilizes safe solvents like supercritical CO₂.  This method allows the plant to be transformed into a pure substance that is free from any additives or residues.  The low heat and low pressure extraction preserves the nutritionally dense and therapeutic properties of the hemp, and produces the best CBD.  Other options are steam distillation, lipid extraction, or the use of solvents.  If a brand doesn’t specify or opts for a procedure that uses propane, butane, pentane, or hexane, steer clear.
  • Concentration: When it comes to knowing what the best CBD is, another element to look out for is the concentration of cannabidiol.  If the label doesn’t state this information, chances are it is incredibly low or perhaps even nonexistent.  Opt for a trusted brand that clearly notes the amount of CBD contained within the formula, and select a product that has a higher percentage as this means more potency.  To truly receive the benefits of the substance, the concentration should be between 250–1000mg per 10ml.

What Is High Quality CBD?:

High quality CBD will follow responsible and effective production methods from farm to shelf, and will take all the necessary precautions for ensuring a safe and therapeutic final form.  The best CBD brands will gather their hemp from reputable sources that conduct thorough soil checks and work to reduce contaminants, and they will utilize safe extraction methods.  The top CBD will also be transparent about what percentage it contains.

Another thing to look for when picking high quality CBD is independent test results.  These checks verify that the claims made are accurate.  Results should be readily available, either on the website of the brand or on the box of the product itself.  Looking at the test results will reveal not only concentration, but also THC content and a heavy metal analysis.

Types of CBD Products:

The format through which the cannabinoid is released is hypothesized by some scientists to be just as important as the quality, and so spending time getting familiar with the many varieties can be incredibly useful.  The huge selection may seem overwhelming, but in fact it means there is an ideal form for everyone!

CBD can be found in coffee, tea, oil, creams, capsules, tinctures, gummies, vapes, skincare, and even chocolate.  For those seeking the mental wellbeing benefits, edibles might be the best choice, whereas anyone wishing for the anti-inflammatory properties may find the most relief with topical options.  However, the best type of CBD product is very much a matter of personal preference.  As long as the concentration offers a potent formula, the results should be positive.

Full Spectrum VS Broad Spectrum VS Pure CBD:

There are three forms of CBD available on the market: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolates – but what is the difference between these three forms and which is best?

  • Full Spectrum: This form utilizes the whole plant and therefore contains all of the elements found within cannabis.  Full spectrum CBD will contain cannabinoids like THC (albeit in amounts less than 0.3%) as well as flavonoids, terpenes, and essential fatty acids.  Many believe this version is most effective as it can produce the “entourage effect” which combines the qualities of all cannabis compounds for a magnified impact.
  • Broad Spectrum: Similar to full spectrum, but with even less THC!  Broad spectrum CBD has all of the same naturally occurring compounds including flavonoids and terpenes, but it reduces or even eliminates the THC content.  It is ideal for those that are highly sensitive to THC or who wish to cut out this component of the cannabis plant.
  • Pure: The purest form in that it only contains cannabidiol, CBD isolate removes all other compounds and is often sold as a powder.  This is highly processed, and research shows that it may be less effective than other forms of cannabidiol.

Choosing the best CBD product on the market may seem difficult when starting out, but when you know what to look out for the process is much more simple.  Just be sure to check the label, read up on the brand and their methods of production, look for independent test results, and see if you can spot which form of cannabidiol is being used.  Why not begin with Real Cannabis Club?  They pride themselves on ethical sourcing and high quality full spectrum CBD that is fully traceable as well as compliant with all legislation.  They offer a wide range of options, so it’s a great place to start!

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