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Real CBD Club Gold CBD Oil

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Gold Edition Sativa. 10% – Premium Concentration.

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For this quality CBD Oil product we use a Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract extracted from female plants which are grown organically under the sun. Only the buds and flowers are used for extracts of the highest quality. Diluted in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

Mg of CBD per 10ml

  • Nominal CBD/CBDA content – 1000mg/10ml
  • This equates to 10% per bottle
  • Each 10ml bottle contains approximately 190-200 drops per 10ml
  • This equates to a nominal CBD/CBDA content of 4.8mg per drop
  • Check out our dosage calculator for information on dosage.

Ingredients Per 10ml

  • Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract (nominal CBD/CBDA content – 1000mg/10ml, <0.01% THC content)
  • Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil


  • 10ml CBD/CBDA content – 1000mg/10ml
  • What is CBD Oil?
  • CBD Oil is derived entirely from the cannabis plant. CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol which is a key compound found in cannabis. Different to marijuana, CBD is made from the hemp (Cannabis Sativa) plant. At Real Cannabis Club, we use full spectrum of the plant, but we make sure THC levels are kept below legislation guidelines.Our CBD oil is 100% pure, organic and without additives.
  • What is “Full Spectrum CBD”?
  • Some Companies will sell isolate CBD, this will tend to be cheaper and there is a reason for that. Others may sell broad spectrum CBD and it’s slightly better, but our full spectrum CBD is the best.It’s why our product is better, put simply. We use the whole plant, we don’t isolate or completely extract any ingredients.Yes, our THC levels are below the legal requirement, but we believe in the “entourage effect” of whole efficacy. By choosing our products, you can be assured that you will be getting other minor cannabinoids, terpenes and trace levels of THC for that really good effect.
  • How do I know what’s in CBD Oil?With Real Cannabis Club, you can rest assured. Our product is 100% pure and we provide a Certificate of Analysis to all our customers to give them peace of mind.Just scan the barcode at the bottom of your box  That will take you to your own bespoke Certificate of Analysis for your product which will tell you EXACTLY what is in your product.Did you know that, as well as having an extremely high concentration of CBD in our products, we use full spectrum which makes sure you get the goodness of other cannabinoids and terpenes too.
  • Our 30 Day Guarantee
  • Well, at Real Cannabis Club we invest heavily in our product. We use the whole cannabis plant to produce full-spectrum product that enables us to offer our customers the product they deserve.All our customers tried us for the first time, and then never leave. We have a 30 day money back guarantee just in case.
  • What does CBD Oil do?
  • Research has shown the effect of the cannabis plant on the human body for many years, since the discovery of the endocannabinoid system in the body.Put simply, CBD contributes to homeostasis in the body, helping to regulate all our vital functions.People who take CBD may take it to alleviate anxiety, promote better sleep quality, enhance recovery and focus or to reduce joint inflammation or pain.In the UK we are not allowed to make direct medicinal claims surrounding our product, but we do have a Knowledge Zone section on our website which offers a lot of peer reviewed academic journals and general interest stories.How should I take CBD Oil?

    For our oils and tinctures, we recommend taking them sublingually. This increases absorption into the body by entering the circulatory membrane quickly. Capsules, we really hope are obvious.

    If you are in any doubt about how much to take, check out our dosage calculator. If in doubt, start “low and grow” is probably a good way of looking at things. Take a small dose, and slowly build up as your endocannabinoid system adjusts.

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4 reviews for Real CBD Club Gold CBD Oil

  1. josephb234

    Best CBD oil I’ve tried. Notice the difference in my sleep straight away!!!!

  2. Marta Sikora

    Amazing product. Just purchased another one. Great communication with the seller. The oil change my life as I suffer from migraines from time to time. 17-18 drops to relieve the headaches! And YES! They really work .

  3. stephen.cheevers92

    Great cbd oil, noticed a massive difference since using it!

  4. Conor Jess

    Really noticed the benefits of using this oil. The dosage calculator on the website is a great help too. Already ordered more.

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